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Canine Threshold Thermometer

Canine Threshold Thermometer

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Levels 7-9 Levels 7-9

Fight or flight mode Growling, snarling, snapping, lunging and biting are common offensive acts. Defensive dogs can also become aggressive if unable to escape.

Levels 5-6Levels 5-6

Canine Threshold Thermometer
Canine Threshold Thermometer

Your dog is now in “reactive” mode. He may not accept treats and can’t follow cues. Barking, lunging, cowering, backing up, fur up, tail erect or tucked. Leave the area!


Levels 3-4Levels 3-4

Your dog’s able to follow cues and take treats, but can become distracted. He’s alert with ears up, tail neutral or up, tighter body.


Levels 1-2 Levels 1-2

Your dog’s body is loose and relaxed, light pant, possibly low sweeping tail, gentle eyes. Your dog is able to follow cues and accepts treats nicely.


When training, consider:


  • Is he able following well known cues?
  • Is he accepting well loved treats?
  • How intense is the trigger?
  • How long have you been working?
  • How far away is the trigger?
  • Are you using treats he values?

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