Exotics Health

Bearded Dragon Care

Learn more about bearded dragon care and exotic services available at the UC Davis veterinary hospital.

Bird Diet Conversion

The safest approach to converting a bird to a pelleted diet is to gradually change the diet over time.

Desert Tortoise Care

Desert tortoises can live up to 60 years or more with proper care. This guide lists captive care requirements for lighting, temperature, feeding, and more.

Ferret Care

Ferrets are lively, comical pets. This guide describes captive care requirements for housing, water, diet, treats, toys, exercise, and more.

Guinea Pig Care

Guinea pigs make good pets. This guide provides information about captive care requirements including cages, bedding, temperature, exercise, diet, and more.

Hamster Care

Hamsters make great pets, especially for kids. This guide contains information to help children learn to properly care for their hamsters.

Koi Health Lecture (Video)

Learn about koi herpes virus and other koi diseases, as well as UC Davis aquatic medicine clinical and laboratory services.

Koi Herpesvirus (KHV)

Koi herpesvirus is a highly contagious viral pathogen of common carp and koi carp varieties.